gunholster sensor auto camera video recording

アイテムナンバー: H4
In critical situations, officers must focus on protecting themselves or others. Metal Sensor wirelessly activates an officer’s body-worn camera when they may not have the time, or free hand, for manual activation. Metal Sensor pairs to a body-worn camera
Product Name Holster Trigger
Dimension 47mmx 25mmx 11.5mm
Weight 20 Grams
Material Rubber
Mounting Fix onto holster with 3M sticker 
Detection 11mm detection range (Metal Conductor)
Battery 190mah/ 3.7V rechargable battery
Charging Time 180 minutes
Working Time About 20 days (8 hours working time per day)
Working Temperature  -10 to 50  Celsius Degrees
Button Function Press to turn on holster trigger
Press and hold to enter setting mode (BLE Device mode)
LED Power on: blue LED on for 3 seconds
Detect gun inserted:  blue LED blink twice
Detect gun drawed: blue LED blink once
Charging: constant red LED
Finish charging: constant green LED
Low power: red LED blink every 60seconds
Micro USB Support
Compatible: Support Android Device/ Apple Phone/ Body Worn Cameras
BLE Name METAL_SL20        
ITEMs NO. Function Notification Mode Value (HEX)  
UUID  C24f0002 Holstered or Unholstered Yes 0x00  / 0x01  
UUID  C24f0003 Mac address of connected camera No -  
UUID  C24f0004 BLE name of connected camera No -  
UUID  C24f0005 Undefine No -  
UUID  C24f0006 Undefine No -  
UUID  C24f0007 Detection Range No 0 -65535 (Unit16)  
UUID  C24f0008 Detection Frequency No 0 -3000 (Unit16 / Milliseconds)  
UUID  C24f0009 Sending command when unholstered No 0x00/0x01/0x02/0x03/0x04  
UUID  C24f000A Undefine No -  
UUID  C24f000B Reset No 0x00