K9 police dog army dog helmet mask with goles glasses 4g live streaming video helmet camera , audio talking k9 vision with goggle

アイテムナンバー: K9
support smarteye, cmsv6 platform live streaming video, group talking
camera built-in speaker support platform talk with camera
Product name: helmet for Working dog (outdoor attendance goggles
Product specification: packing box
size: 17 * 19 * 9 cm,
single net weight: 0.25KG
Main material: TPE frame+nylon belt+EVA+thick cowhide headframe

Scope of application: In windy weather, yellow sand desert, vast snowfield, and strong sunlight environments,
suitable for dogs: large and medium-sized dogs. Kunming dog, Horse Dog, Spencer, Labrador, etc.
Box gauge: 55 * 45 * 45cm, 43 pieces/box